Monday, December 12, 2011

And the countdown begins.....

 Twelve days until total melt down, um.. I mean until Christmas day sweeps in on the wings of sugar plum fairies.  In the spirit of Egg Nog, fruit cake, the Grinch, Ebenezer Scrooge, and an out of control amount of wrapping paper, let's talk Christmas movies, or rather holiday movies. They start showing them before Thanksgiving. To start, I like them all. A movie has to be pretty bad for me not to like it, and a holiday movie, what's not to love.  The movies as a whole are great, but as a writer I love the lines, the little ones that sneak up on you. The ones that drop in your lap, pull the scene together, and make you say, hey that was good.
     From now and until Christmas, I will post my favorite holiday movie lines, because you all want to know. And it's a blog post- one that can be turned into several, in fact.
     This first one has a history.  I have a sister and two brothers (I know- there's more like me) and during the holidays as the snow fell silently, and the flames licked at the wood making the fire crackle, and pop, my father would walk down the stairs, survey the four of us, and then ask my mother this very question. We would laugh, gang up on him, and beg for info about our presents. He always said we weren't getting anything, except coal.  He also said Santa Claus was his brother, and that's how he knew about the coal. After all these years and those great memories, I tell the minions the same thing, they're getting coal, it's a tradition. You know- like holiday movies!

It's a Wonderful Life ~ George Bailey: You call this a happy family? Why do we have to have all these kids? 

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