Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Year

     If it's one thing that drives me nuts, it's trying to think of a title to put at the top of a blog post. It's a new year, thought I would share.  So- with that, we're going to let this one 'just be' and move along.
     At this time of year people have made resolutions for a better life, better health, they are creating goals, and finding ways to make them happen.  Some are looking back at 2011, saying softly to themselves how the year flew by leaving a trail of rainbow colors in its wake, and then trying to understand why they made those New Year Resolutions to begin with.
     Did you make any?
     I didn't. Not because I think I'm above the social order of things, but because I forgot. Seriously- forgot. Over the New Year's weekend, I went camping with my family.  It was good time, so much so, I forgot about those resolutions.  It was relaxing, (the camping) the weather was incredible. I drank my morning coffee sitting in the sun, my netbook was sitting in front of me, (with my current work)  my iPod was serenading me, errr us. And the smoky goodness of frying bacon filled the air every morning.  And when you're camping, it's Five o'clock all the time! (I will not talk about the howling dog and how it went on all day or how I laughed because minion number two climbed a hill and sat in a crevice to get cell service).  So when someone asked, what my resolutions were, I had to hide the oops look and think of something.  Which should have been easy, right, because I think of stuff all the time, right? Of course, so after a pep talk that took place in my head, my answer went something like this, 'you know the usual, less drinking, going to bed early, eating right, and exercising more.(because of the bacon and peanut butter cookies, and salami and cheese)'  that's what I said and I know it was generic.
     After an hour and giving it some thought, what I really should have said was 'I'm not going to let the fact that minion number one will graduate high school in six months (and the entire family will be in my home to help celebrate) drive me insane, or to drink, or to feel old.  And then because minion number one is leaving, it means, he is leaving me with his counterpart, minion number two, alone to entertain. I know, I have Mr. K, but Mr. K, decided when June rolls around he's going to get a second and third job. Minion number two- who is Mr. K's clone- together they are.... are... I don't think there are words. It's not a bad thing, but two of them? Really? Let's just say the two of them together provoke my drinking. And my minion clone is leaving me for college?
     Wow, that drinking less resolution just took a dive and died, and I haven't even started yet.
     So my New Year's Resolution is to NOT go insane! I think I can do that one. Cheers.
     Bringing this to an end, I know this blog post has little to do with writing, except that I'm writing, and will go back to my Work In Progress.  And I am going to post chapters three and four of Wolf Within (up at the top next to the chapters one and two) for your reading pleasure, and I'm going to finish Salvation.
     Wait- I have a serious resolution- I am going to try and blog about writerly stuff. 


  1. Lol,that opening line was something I thought was only 'just me'. I so get it (At times I feel I spend more time thinking of the header than the time it takes for me to write a post. :)

    I could smell/taste the bacon and coffee reading your post. So glad you had a wonderful time. To forget for a little while is what I call a darn tooting great time. I made a few resolutions but this year, did not write them down. You can't go wrong in keeping 'writing' in with all the other things in our lives. Great and enjoyable post as always. :)

  2. Thank you Amber. It was nice to get away from it all, even with the howling dog.

    I think fear stops me from writing any resolution down, seriously. Writing them gives them life:)
    Great review on Sherlock Holmes, I can't wait to see it. And enjoyed part two of Lady of Caindale.