Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Time...how precious


Time, doesn't care if you're reaching for it, trying to keep a minute of it in your pocket, or trying to understand- as you sit, when it moves on only to abandon you on a lonely road.  Time is always on the move and sometimes it bullies you.  At least it can seem that way.  I'm a runner, (yea, yea, my indulgences- red wine- keeps me on the move) and whether it's on the treadmill, due to weather and time, or outside, a couple of miles sets my mind straight.  It's as if running helps settle things down so they find their place.  Running outside has its entertainment, there's the terrain, the sights, and in my case, dirt bikers, and off road toys that race through the desert.  Then there's the treadmill- it can be mind numbing.  On those days I don't want to run, it can be a killer, even with the TV.  Because there's always something on, NOT!
     Thank God, for my iPod.  
     So what does this have to do with writing? What does this have to with books? What does this have to with time?  I'm going to tell you.
     I just downloaded two audiobooks to my iPod, and listen to them while I'm running.  My life has been changed forever.  And I'm doing two things at once.
      On the iPod
Current music-  Christina Perri
Current book- Wicked Appetite by Janet Evanovich

     Now if I could figure out a way to write my query letters, synopsis, edit, write some more, and do all the details involved with Mr. K, the minions, and reality, my life would be set.
     One step at a time I guess! :-)