Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Update

     It's Tuesday again, at least it's not Monday! Good news, my current story is FINALLY FINISHED.  While it won't be up for awhile, I will tell you it is of the horror kind. :)  Ended at a little over six thousand words, ok, quite a bit over six thousand words, it's finished.  Now to let it sit and marinate, then the edits will begin.  And I can think, "What the he@@ was I thinking?"  then, "Wow, I took that write drunk thing a little far." Only to be reminded, I wasn't drinking and that prose scrawled across the page is my own.  On the good side, with it done my attention can return to Tragedy.  I hope to have chapter two up....soon.

In the mean time here's some sites for your reading pleasure-


Here are some blogs and writers that fit every fancy-


There are always more, and more, and  more ~ this is merely a taste!

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