Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Back to business

  Sort of anyway.
   That's what happens when you go camping for eight days and decide midway through the five hour drive home, you don't want to go home.  It turns into two more days! (my poor cats) There were photo opportunities everywhere, and I will be posting some of the pictures in the near future.  More than that, it turned into  Mr. K and I wanting to (holy cow, workout, get in shape) summit Mt. Whitney! Looking back on it now, as I sit in front of my computer, I think, wow the air is thin up there. 
  Enough, I said back to business.   I did get some work done, my query letter for Wolf Within is done *giggling, I didn't hurt anyone*  and the synopsis is almost finished.  (I'm part of www.agentquery.com albeit a silent part who wonders around, but part all the same. They have great people and great information concerning query letters and the synopsis). 
   During our camping adventure, minion number one made a decision on his future, which I might add makes me feel old, and it added to the need of spending a little more time together as a family.  Those decisions also made me think of when he was little, and reminded me of this poem I wrote.   Enjoy :)

                       Chimes of a Child 
                             M.A. Kastle

               Kings, queens, and jesters wild, unicorns, fairies, and hearts that smile.
              Clowns and soldiers face the child.
                          Children's dreams dance wild at tonight. 
                          Do go to sleep without a fight.
                          The sandman travels many miles.
              Songs ring throughout the night, the soft melody takes flight.
              Turn out the light, cuddle up and sleep, save it for tomorrow-  for stories will keep.


  1. Woot! So glad you enjoyed your vacation. Congrats on getting both query/synopsis completed! Well-done. Agentquery.com is very helpful. Look forward to seeing pictures of your trip-if they're anything like your breathtaking postcards, it will be even more of a treat :)

  2. Its hard not to take a good picture when the beauty is everywhere. Thank you, I can only hope I'm done with the query/synopsis, and I did everything correctly, lol. Congrats on your book ~Gem of Gravane found on www.amazon.com~ Have it and can't wait to read it. :)

  3. Thank you for the support! I do appreciate it :)