Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Inspiring Blog Award

Thank you Amber Dane at ~  For mentioning me!! Click here to get to her site. 

 Now for seven things about me. Hold on to your hats ~

1) Instead of M.A. just call me Monica :)
2) B rated sci- fi flicks are my favorite, add in a giant creature film and I'm in heaven!!
3) I watched the TV series Wonder Woman when I was a kid.  After hating the ending to an episode I rewrote it in the same comic book style it opened with.
4) I have lived on both coasts, and am currently on the West coast.
5) I claim to hate sports but have the San Francisco 49ers app on my phone :)
6) I have a snake, his name is Osiris.
7) Not a big social butterfly ~ introvert is a safe word.

Here are just a few of the blogs I follow~

Naming Amber Dane because I love her blog.  Amber Dane

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  1. Yay, Monica! Love your 7 things. I used to love the sy-fy channel, don't watch it as much anymore. Wonder woman!(the childhood memories *sigh*) #6, I've got to ask~ what kind of snake? I always thought they were beautiful,like the feel of their skin and am fascinated by them as much as I fear them. This was fun, thanks for participating and I loved it!

  2. Osiris is a fancy corn snake and a little over a year old. He lives like a king and mocks my cats. :) #5, MTV, I see a story in that one.
    This was fun, and now that I'm back up and about, it was even more fun. Thanks again for thinking of me!!