Saturday, July 14, 2012

Post and a Poem

Awe, the computer age, it's a wonderful thing, until of course, the computer dies, then it just sucks.  That's what happened! I guess years of abuse took its toll and the old PC finally gave up the ghost :(

So, what is this post about- well, it's a happy to be back- I missed you all, and Amber Dane from
has awarded me the Inspiring Blog Award!!
Thank you Amber!!

Before I jot down the list of blogs I follow, and share this great award, and then tell seven things about myself (because you all want to know that) (and because I'm slow), I'm going to entertain you with Stolen Moments.  I hope you enjoy.  

Stolen Moments
M.A. Kastle

We meet by moonlight, our eyes hidden from one another.
Shadows dance between us, caught in the silver light they disappear.
A song plays softly behind us, as glasses clink with cheer.
Wine pours, laughter carries on the wind, masked is our fear.

You take me in your arms, I taste the lies you told.
Do you taste mine? My passion, my lies, or my fear?
Your arms hold me, your body trembles for me.
You whisper my name, your lips brush my neck.

Our eyes lock, forever this moment will stay.
Forbidden is our love, forbidden is our touch.
The music plays on, the dancing goes on, the voices carry on.
The night moves on, passing us by, it slips away.

He drinks his wine, he smiles, he pretends.
He searches, he cannot find me.
He knows something is wrong.
The truth poisons his heart.

Her eyes tell me, she is mine, her body caves to me.
Desperate is my love for her, desperate is my body for her.
The music plays on, forever carried by the wind.
The night lasts for a moment, a moment etched in time.

She drinks her wine, she smiles, she pretends.
She searches, she cannot find me.
She knows something is wrong.
The truth poisons her heart.

Our lips part, our bodies soften.
Look at my eyes.  Look in my eyes.
Hold me forever. Never let me go.
You're my love.  My only love.

These stolen moments will linger on our lips.
These stolen moments are our secret.
These stolen moments are forbidden.



  1. Beautiful poem! So glad to see a post-Yay! Hope the computer smiles back.
    We miss you!