Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wolf Within

Chapter Two ~ urban/fantasy

     “They think the same way as you or I do, they have the same feelings as you and I, but they live on the instincts of an animal.”  Captain Dixon said.  Now the thought sent chills over her heated skin. 
Macy watched the EMT’s from Rapid Response set up their equipment, believing someone, human was going to come out of the house.  She didn’t think it was likely.  Then again, the years spent as an officer then a detective might have skewed her opinion.  She did however watch everything from the safety of the SUV.  There was a show going on, Rapid Response, the officers, the fire fighters who hadn’t left, Sgt. Mayco and Sgt. Bailey.  The two had done more arguing than talking and were drawing a lot of attention.  By the time she heard Sgt. Mayco’s voice rise into a yell, Sgt. Bailey finally gave in and placed officers at the gate of the neighborhood.  The only people allowed to enter the area were officers, Sanative, medical, and Detective Fahn and Detective Gaines.  Civilians had to wait until they took the therian-lion into custody. 
She thought she was in the clear until Sgt. Mayco ordered her to face several homeowners and tell them there was an aggressive therian-lion in house 1264, and the police department and the BPI were doing everything they could to handle it.  She added, ‘safety first’ out of habit.  She was warning other shapeshifters and a few otherkin, all of whom could take care of themselves, about a shapeshifter.  The looks she got rivaled those, the officers and Sgt. Bailey had been giving her.
Now she stood beside the SUV waiting and staying out of the way.  Taking the sleeve of her shirt, she wiped sweat from her forehead.  It reminded her, if the therian was newly turned, the desert summer was working against him.  The therianthrope virus and the lycanthrope virus loved the heat.  Heat coaxed the person into a lethargic state, less fighting from the human side made it easier for the virus to take over.  The virus traveled through the bloodstream as a microbe destroying blood cells as it went, then attacked the nervous system and the immune system.  The weaker the victim became the stronger the virus grew, until it spread out and leeched into the DNA cells.  Once the animal DNA fused with the human DNA, it created a barrier.  Sitting in the briefing room while an instructor explained the signs and then traits of the virus, she always pictured the twisted double strand double helix of the human DNA, wrapped in pink insulation.  This insulation or barrier made CD4-T, the antivirus, useless.  
Humans faced the painful realization that shifters were real and the lycanthrope/therianthrope viruses were contagious.  With wide spread worry bordering on panic, the government urged the medical field to create an antivirus.  Without hesitation the pharmaceutical company, Renewed Pharmaceuticals based in Southern California started its work towards that cure.  The public, the skeptics, and the shifters didn’t hold their breath waiting.  When Renewed announced CD4-T was a successful antivirus and not a cure, the public remained wary whether it would work.  Skeptics said it was just another way for the shifters to manipulate the public and ease the fear surrounding their disease.  Sadly, they had the past to back them up.  No one in history ever fought the war with the lycanthrope virus or the therianthrope virus and won.  Shifters, no matter what they were, had been infecting people for thousands of years, and at the same time weaving a web of fear so strong, its corruption wrapped around modern time.