Monday, September 3, 2012

A Blog Award or Two

Here I am.
After one howling weekend, some out of town time, a finished project, and those details that make me a Domestic Goddess, and I’m here to do the blog thing, my friends. 
I want to send a THANK YOU to Eveli Acosta for the blog awards. I appreciate it. 
If you want info on where to find Eveli Acosta go (here) for her blog, and (here) for her Facebook page.  She has some great blog posts, and has books on Amazon, Barnes&Nobles, iTunes, and Smashwords!

Ok the blog~ 
There are rules to this, I know, I know, rules, when aren’t there!

Thank the person who mentioned me, Thank you Eveli Acosta, check.
List 7 things about myself.  The truth is, I did this a while back, and thought I out did myself, then. Now I have to think of 7 more things. I'm not boring, but I'm boring~ you see my problem. 

Mention 15 bloggers who have kick a@@ blogs!  No problem!


1} M in M.A. Kastle is for Monica~ I have said this before, but thought I would throw it in there.

2} My latest project, was a short zombie story. Something about paying to kill them, the zombies, mixed with a dash of revenge, made for a fun write.  

3} I tried Absinthe, I like it, I like it. 

4} While, I wait for Minion #2 (I do this a lot and it’s usually in a parking lot of some kind) I do writing exercises.  They’re kept in a very cute, Queen of Everything notebook. 

5} Speaking of waiting, there are three books in my vehicle.

6} I was home alone a few nights ago, and as I fixed dinner, I watched an MMA fight between Roger Gracie and Keith Jardine.  It was a repeat, I was still cheering for Keith Jardine.  I very much blame Mr. K, for corrupting me.      

7} Gloomy (horror~ flash fiction) is at Death Head Grin. Click (here) to go there.   
Shameless self-promotion.  

Now for the 15 incredible, totally cool, out of this word, blogs! 

1) Amber Dane  (click here) 

2) Kathleen Ball  (click here)

3) Robert Rankine  (click here)

4) Reese Jaquez  (click here) 

5) Jay Taylor  (click here)

6) Clara Rosenthal  (click here)

7) Stefan Ellery  (click here)

8) All Things Urban/Fantasy  (click here)

9) Carole Gill   (click here)

10) Charliann Roberts  (click here)

11) Johnny Ray  (click here)

12) Tiffany Luv Wright  (click here)

13) Rue Volley  (click here)

14) Monique O'Conner James  (click here)

15) Writing Forward (click here)

*** Enjoy the blogs, the authors, their stories, and the information they share. *** 

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