Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pics for a Post

     While this doesn't focus purely on writing  (as if you aren't used to that)  it does serve as an inspiration.
     Hold on, I'm not done yet~ on the writerly side, Halloween is fast approaching, and with its dark and erie air there will be a short story posted for your reading pleasure.  Think Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Boris Karloff, Vincent Price, wow, I could get carried away.  Anyway~ stay tuned!
Playing on the iPod~ Nox Arcana ~Nightmare Parade

I love this shot~

I visit cemeteries in all kinds of small towns.  This one, most often, oh yea, I've been taking pictures and telling scary stories there my entire life! 

Ok so this last one isn't very mountainy~ but it's cool. 

Hope you enjoyed.  Next time you read a story~ that I wrote ~ more than one of these places are in there :) 

by M.A. Kastle

~ The Gods, who once demanded obedience and ruled the world with evil, grew weary of their immoral diversions, and crept into darkness. They allowed lies and fear to keep their wickedness alive.  It's there, deep in the heart of a fiery desert, the sun rises to caress the sands of this forgotten land. ~ 

Look for the complete story on Halloween.   


  1. Love the teaser and opening line of Cursed. Can't wait to read the rest!
    I was practically salivating over those legendary names going on and on in my head after Vincent Price. And a TV classic my father used to watch popped into my head, Chiller and the hand coming out of the ground. (I think it was a hand or a tree) I just remember the voiceover and the short stories. Love Halloween and the movies that are coming out look better than what was on the roster last year. These photos are awesome and I can easily see how they can get the muse going. Guess you can tell I miss your blog too! :)

  2. It was a hand, that's so funny! I agree the movies this year are looking good, can't wait, of course Halloween lends its own feel to them. Just watched The Howling, classic, starting my favorites early:)
    I checked out your blog for the blog hop and you weren't participating~ what are you busy or something? :)

  3. I had planned to,but you know it, the B word overwhelmed me and still is. But 1 more month and I'll be on vacation! Of course I'll be taking along the laptop to keep up with Busy ;)
    Hope for the next one you might join!