Monday, October 29, 2012

Only two days to go ~

  First, to say a word to the East Coast ~ be safe and our prayers are with you!  

     Vampires.  I have to say I like the death dealing, blood gorging, town destroying, they are going to kill you without hesitation kind. They warm my heart.
                                                       Like in~  30 Days of Night!

Kirsten Toomey: [crying] Please, God... 
Marlow: [speaking in vampire language] God? 
[Marlow looks around, and then after a long pause he stares into Kirsten's eyes
Marlow: [coldly, in English] No god. 

    But, I also love the dangerous, hot, still kill you without hesitation of.......
                                                Bram Stoker's Dracula.

Mina: I want to be what you are, see what you see, love what you love. 
Dracula: Mina, to walk with me you must die to your breathing life and be reborn to mine. 
Mina: You are my love... and my life, always. 
Dracula: Then, I give you life eternal. Everlasting love. The power of the storm. And the beasts of the earth. Walk with me to be my loving wife, forever.

So many movies, so little time :)