Sunday, October 21, 2012

Ten days and a Movie trailer

Thought I forgot? Well.... I had to make salsa to go with my beer and chips, and then the San Francisco Giants game is on. Yes, I'm a giants fan :)

Ok, here's an oldie but a goodie. I bought the movie Alligator at a video store (yes, I may have just aged myself) that was going out of business. It has everything one expects from a creature film. A thirty foot alligator, a cop, an expert, who fall in love- awe, (the cop and the expert, not the alligator) innocent people, evil people, blood, and a gratuitous amount of body parts of both innocent people and evil people.  Most importantly it didn't start out with 'four college students go somewhere'.

It's an entertaining movie.
I wanted a good quote from this movie, and sadly found out I couldn't do a quick grab from, I had to watch the movie, the video, the VHS in a VCR, lol, in Minion One's room. The sacrifices I make :)

David ~ "Nightmare, your ass. There's something down there. Now it'll take a lot of guys, but we'll flush him out." 

Enjoy ~ only ten days until Halloween