Sunday, October 21, 2012

Ten days and a Movie trailer

Thought I forgot? Well.... I had to make salsa to go with my beer and chips, and then the San Francisco Giants game is on. Yes, I'm a giants fan :)

Ok, here's an oldie but a goodie. I bought the movie Alligator at a video store (yes, I may have just aged myself) that was going out of business. It has everything one expects from a creature film. A thirty foot alligator, a cop, an expert, who fall in love- awe, (the cop and the expert, not the alligator) innocent people, evil people, blood, and a gratuitous amount of body parts of both innocent people and evil people.  Most importantly it didn't start out with 'four college students go somewhere'.

It's an entertaining movie.
I wanted a good quote from this movie, and sadly found out I couldn't do a quick grab from, I had to watch the movie, the video, the VHS in a VCR, lol, in Minion One's room. The sacrifices I make :)

David ~ "Nightmare, your ass. There's something down there. Now it'll take a lot of guys, but we'll flush him out." 

Enjoy ~ only ten days until Halloween


  1. Another good trailer and you are on a roll with picking the right quotes. I so remember this film! (here I thought I was the only one left on the planet with a vcr,lol,it's attached to my tv) Watching this trailer makes me want to watch the original Piranha.

    We have caught these flicks of late, Night of the Living Dead. I just wanted to hear 'They're coming to get you,Barbara.' lol, I think that was it. Had to revisit Creepshow 2, again,my girls think it's corny,but I love it. Animated Billy and the Venus fly trap is the best 'It eats meat.' I'll be on here forever filling up the comment section talking about movies.Ill be back for your next post. :) Btw,have you had a chance to watch Rosewood Lane? Oh,that paper boy was something else :) Next on our agenda is Centipede 1 and 2. Great post here!

  2. Piranha~ scary movie. I was convinced if I went to camp I would be eaten. Of course, it didn't stop me from telling everyone else, they should get in the water to see what happened!

    I had to skim down my selections because there are way too many great movies. I gravitate towards the older ones (I know you can't tell). OK Centipede creeps me out! I can't even think about watching it. I will, hope it's good, and if it is, I'll never stop thinking about it.

    Looking forward to your reviews. I might be able to pick a quote, but I can't write a worthy review to save my life.