Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Eleven Days Before Halloween

This version of 'Eleven Days Before Halloween' will consist of quotes (and maybe the trailer) from great horror movies from all genres.  Creature, slasher, monster, vampire, werewolf, zombie, and everything in between. On October 30th the number one line will be posted then on October 31st, Cursed will be posted for your viewing and reading pleasure. I know, it's too cool, right.

Let's start this shindig off with one of my favorites!
The movie ~ Tremors

Maybe  it's because it takes place in the desert and the scenery is familiar, or it could be, Burt Gummer preparing for the World War 3. Whatever it is, it's endearing. Have I mentioned I love creature films?

Valentine McKee ~   Hey - check this out! I found the ass end! 


  1. The trailers bring back memories on this one,good quote. Didn't go on to watch any more after #2,but it was a fun movie. Love Kevin Bacon-his two horror bests Stir of Echoes/Hollowman for me. This Halloween season, got a hankering for creature films,so we've been doing the watch again feature on Netflix. Wolfman (with Benicio del Toro the other night)

  2. I own all of them. The minions watch them as much I do. After a tough day, you can't beat Python, Tremors, and Nick Knight.

    Benicio Del Toro did an amazing job. I enjoyed the movie. My weak spot werewolves, go figure :)