Wednesday, October 24, 2012

We're down to Seven

I want to give a big thank you to Amber Dane, ( who had great suggestions for movies and happens to love these goodies as much as I. Thank You, dear friend :)

Yes- only seven days until Halloween and I'm closing the slasher trio out with 1980s Friday the 13th.  We have repeat offender~ Gracing us with his presence, for a short time, is Kevin Bacon.

My affection for this sweet movie might be because I grew up not far from a Crystal Lake. Not the very. To get to my Crystal Lake you have to drive up a  mountain, then when you get there the lake's temperature is zero-  year round. None of that matters, living that close to Crystal Lake, created late nights around a fire and stories galore.


Jason Voorhees: [in flashback] Help me! Help! Help, Mommy! Help! Help, Mommy! Mommy, help! 
Pamela Voorhees: I am, Jason. I am.


  1. Who doesn't love Halloween and Fri 13th theme music? Kevin's part in this still makes me grin. Thanks so much for sharing these trailers. The memories they pull forth~priceless. Did I tell you how much I am enjoying this count down? :) (and thank you for the mention, I do appreciate it very much, my friend)

  2. I'm glad you're enjoying it :) It has been a blast going through all the movies. I walked away from the computer and thought, I wish Halloween was everyday. lol.