Sunday, June 30, 2013

Short and Sweet~

Playing on the iPod~ Adele
Current book~ Ok,  I'm still reading The Great Gatsby.

As one of those people who have a dozen books going, it takes me time, and time is hard to come by these days. Even with the longer summer days it feels as if there isn't enough minutes and hours to
accomplish everything I want. Including finishing a book. Of course, wanting to savor every word of every book doesn't help me. 

Here's a little back story for the picture~
I love this house, always have, always will. It draws my curiosity, as it draws my desire to bring it back to life. I have written a story and this house was the back drop. Sadly, its inhabitants have come and gone, its owners have fought over it, only to abandon it. But one thing never changes, it's always there, waiting for me. I have about a hundred (I'm being conservative, I sound less strange that way) pictures of this house during the spring, summer, fall, and winter. The first time was with a Disc camera, that took 12 pictures (remember those!) then with a really cool Canon 35 mm SLR, and now with a Canon Digital SLR- yes I finally went digital!
This house invokes many emotions, memories, and thoughts, but mainly it reminds me to stand strong.

                                                         white paint falls weightless
                                                        blackened windows empty
                                                             unnoticed it stands
                                                        weathered, beaten, strong


                                                                 Photo and Poem
                                                                    M.A. Kastle


  1. I love the photo! The stories the image stirs. Glad to see a new post from you :)

  2. Thank you for visiting my few and far between posts :) It was good to get back on here, lol. I'm hoping to post a couple more pictures over the month.
    Thank you again Amber for always sharing and being great!!