Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Welcome to Wednesday :)

Or at least the last part of it, if you're on the West Coast, like me :)
Playing on the iPod- The Calling
Current Read- The Strain  By Chuck Hogan and Guillermo del Toro

  You're right, I needed to put something new up, so it too can sit for months, until even I hate looking at. And here it is!! 

  On the writerly side of things, if you haven't checked out Wolf Within (at the top, two chapters) then check it out. I have a new story in the works, it's horror, pretty cool, I think. A little morsel is at the bottom, with a little bite of Wolf Within. 

  The story Tragic Delusions will be part of a collection called Tales of Woe, thinking about self-publishing that. We'll see how everything goes. By that I mean, I have day job and I think it's eating my family and friends, and I think I had cats once. Maybe.

  The good news is, it's Wednesday, almost Thursday, which will lead to Friday!!


 A sunset through the woods


  The next inhale, slower than the first, expanded his chest and pulled at his lungs. His muscles clenching in pain wrapped around his body.  
  "Something terrible has happened." he screamed.


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