Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Inspiration~ and its many forms

Playing on the iPod~ Veer Union
Current Read~ (yea, yea) Jennifer's Way By Jennifer Esposito
(maybe there will be a review, actually, just me talking about it)
Current Movie~ (you'll be proud) The original ~  Stepford Wives 
(then I'm moving onto an inspirational movie~ Blood Lake)

As the title says, this is about inspiration. Where do you find it?
I'm a very image oriented person, so much so, it's the reason I dabble in photography (I cannot draw, anything). When the need for something arises I can be found taking pictures of businesses, houses, people, (kinda creepy, but I ask first) cars, trucks, and landscapes. I love my landscapes.
The mountains are my favorite, grew up in them, I love writing about them, photographing them, and escaping to them. 
Having escaped the city and that day job for a couple of days, I got a ton of writing done. It was a blast to get caught up in writing and not have to worry about being late for something. Minion #2 will tell you dinner was late, but he exaggerates. ;)

Here are some images from the latest outing~ Maybe you'll find inspiration in them. Enjoy!

Death of the Vine has its own page at the top. If you want to check it out, just click it!

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