Saturday, September 13, 2014

Snippet of things to come.....

Fall is creeping in and bringing the excitement of Halloween with it.

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As Halloween approaches and my excitement turns to outright giddyness (that's a technical term) I can't help but post a teaser for The Legend of Noah Blyth. The entire story will be posted on Halloween as an ode to the 80's slasher movies. Of course, it'll have four couples go camping theme, and death, mayhem, and chases through the woods.

Sit back, read, and enjoy!

                                                     A CURSE REVISITED
                                            THE LEGEND OF NOAH BLYTH

     Above him, dull yellow shined through the gathering clouds turning the world ashen. Closing his eyes against its dullness October's chill moved over him. It wasn't enough to stop sweat from sliding into his eyes and igniting a fire and his labored gait slowed. Noah yelled, jerked his arms from the greedy clutches holding him and yelled again. This time he fell, his knees hitting the dirt, his thin cotton pants tearing, and the palms of his hands scrapping on the dirt road. With the crowd's yells and heckles ringing in his ears his ripped pants, hurt knees, and gasps for air went unnoticed. Quickly fingers feeling as needles in his skin clawed at him and picking him up they forced him to start walking again. Each of his steps sending an ache into his bleeding knees. With fists to his back, he stumbled, the toes of his battered boots digging into the loose dirt while the crowd pushed him. He hung his head hiding his eyes from the town's people.
     Noah inhaled and the dust from their angry steps coated his mouth and then lungs. He could almost taste the bitterness from their hate in the fine powder. Gasping for air, the crowd moved in creating a tighter circle as if to suffocate him with their bodies. He struggled against them trying to pull free attempting escape. Punishment came in the form of punches to his head, arms, and back, and soon bursts of light filled his eyes. Unbalanced he tripped over his feet as grey closed in around his vision. They moved him back to the center then moved him as if they were a raging river current.
     Each step fed him defeat, and the further he walked the more desperation snaked into his veins and sat heavy in his belly. His mind screamed he needed to run, that he knew where they were taking him, and it was bad. It would end it all. With a forced exhale Noah collapsed to the ground surrounded in chaos and hate. He wouldn't stand. Let them pick me up, he thought. Curses drove down to him as hands clutched his legs and arms and lifting him off the ground they pushed him onto a wooden platform.
     Lying on his back, he opened his eyes and gazed up at the autumn sky. It was a cruel sky, not bright and alive like summer, but dim, grey, as if life struggled through the fall, only to fail and die during the winter.
     "Hang him. Hang him." They chanted. Their voices rising with their anger.
      He hated. He hated them. They deserved their punishment, the voice in his head urged him. He felt their warm blood on his skin, their limp flesh in his hands and their weak heartbeat in his ears. Hate was as poisoned water lifting him and as his mind drifted he stood before them the rough feel of the noose against the back of his neck. His hands now fists, were tied behind his back, his eyes staring out at the gathering crowd. Familiar eyes stared back and were empty of life. They betrayed him. They killed his family and now they were going to kill him. His heart pounded in his chest.
     "Put a hood on him."
     "No let him see us."
     "No hood" he mumbled. The rough rope moving slightly with his words. He wanted to see them. He wanted to face them as he had his entire life.
     A smile curved his lips, his broken teeth bared for all to see, his broken body a product of their weakness. They were too late. He had done what he needed to do and now with death closing in on him, they wouldn't scare him. Even with the threat of sin staining his soul with spilled blood he wouldn't let them win. It was a small price to pay to save his family from their greed.
     "Let him drop."
     He scanned the faces and watched as women turned away and at the same time covered their children's eyes. Noah smiled wider. "This land is cursed. Blood has poisoned this town."
     "You will burn in hell for what you have done." a man said moving through the crowd until he stood at the platform. "You will burn."
     Noah laughed a guttural, primal sound, "You will fear me forever."
     A loud thick clang of a lever sounded under his words and falling his heart rose to his throat. Noah bounced, twisted, and staring forward watched the crowd disappear. For a moment, autumn's air wrapped around him and he saw the grey sky. Then he felt his breath abandon him and black moved into his eyes and numbness swallowed his body.

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