Wednesday, October 15, 2014

17 Days till Halloween

Playing on the iPod~ The Script

Current read~ Yes, I finished Draped in Red by none other than Amber Dane :)
One thing~ Reece. That is all.

Current fav movie~ All Cheerleaders Die ~

Current WIP~  Silver Tears ~ Book Two of the Moonlight Series
You know, three chapters of Wolf Within are at the top. :)

I told you I would watch a new movie.

All Cheerleaders Die~ I watched it because, well, cheerleaders die. I know, I know, I know, how heartless and cruel. Those overly happy, bubbly, flirty girls in short skirts cheering even when the team is behind, and I want to see them perish. Oh... the tragedy.

All right, all right, back to the movie ~ If you have Netflix, it's on there, you want to own it, it's on iTunes and can be found at Amazon.  CLICK HERE FOR AMAZON

The thing is, this movie doesn't give up its secrets all at once. You keep watching because it's a crazy ride.

So without further nonsense from me, here is the Official Trailer for your viewing pleasure.

A big Thank You to everyone for allowing me to post this trailer :) 

A Curse Revisited 
The Legend of Noah Blyth
By M.A. Kastle

A second gunshot followed.
Linzee jerked in surprise with its sound then stared in Mark's direction. Max was gone, running in after Mark and leaving Linzee behind with Bruce. With nothing left, she covered her face with her hands and started crying and mumbling it was all her fault. As she mumbled she tried to stop her thoughts from taking over. A voice, mocking and hurtful, told her Mark was going to end up like Debbie. And afterwards, after she found him cut up they were going to tie her up and put her in her chair. 

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