Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween is on its way!

Playing on the iPod~ Who can listen to music when there are movies to watch?
Current read~ Great Southern Mysteries

 Current fav movie~ Watched Evil Dead (new one) then Evil Dead (original) then Evil Dead 2, with Minion 1. It was a busy day.

Current WIP~  Silver Tears ~ Book Two of the Moonlight Series
You know, three chapters of Wolf Within are at the top.

                            First, Halloween is just 4 days away! 

   What are you all dressing up as? What fun will you be having on Halloween?
    How will I be dressed? Minion 2 has a football game so I'll be dressed up as a Mom and fan. Oh wait, they should make a movie about a football mom who goes insane and then goes on a murdering spree because she is tired of listening to the fans in the stands (who arrive late) who think they're NFL worthy coaches. Wordy, but yea, I know, you're welcome. ;)    

     This is yet another slice of 80's slasher movies with quick quips and going to camp. Although, I had to search this one out, you know, by Googling 'Killer Cheerleaders' that's all it took. Keeping with the cheerleader theme, because who knew they were so violent, this is Cheerleader Camp from 1988. It has it all, cheerleaders, horrible 80's clothing on display, a peeping Sheriff, death, and killer pom poms, which if you were lucky to see this release on VHS, (1987) you knew it as Bloody Pom Poms. Oh yea, and it has Lief Garrett and he raps as the cheerleaders..... dance.  I guess.

     The entire movie is on You Tube for your viewing pleasure.

A Curse Revisited
The Legend of Noah Blyth

     His fading warmth sank into her skin sending an empty feeling into her middle. It was made worse by the bloody smears she left behind when she took her hand away. Linzee absently wiped her hands on her jeans then turned and walked to her own chair.
     “You Ok?” Mark asked.
     “No.” she answered through a controlled breath. “We have to get out of here.”
     “He took Tracy and that will buy us some time.”
     “Are you insane? He's going to kill her.”

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