Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Everyone! 

A peek into A Curse Revisited ~ The Legend of Noah Blyth

        "Noah inhaled and the dust from their angry steps coated his mouth and then lungs. He could almost taste the bitterness from their hate in the fine powder. Gasping for air, the crowd moved in creating a tighter circle as if to suffocate him with their bodies. He struggled against them trying to pull free attempting escape. Punishment came in the form of punches to his head, arms, and back, and soon bursts of light filled his eyes. Unbalanced he tripped over his feet as grey closed in around his vision. They moved him back to the center then moved him as if they were a raging river current.
     Each step fed him defeat, and the further he walked the more desperation snaked into his veins and sat heavy in his belly. His mind screamed he needed to run, that he knew where they were taking him, and it was bad. It would end it all. With a forced exhale Noah collapsed to the ground surrounded in chaos and hate. He wouldn't stand. Let them pick me up, he thought. Curses drove down to him as hands clutched his legs and arms and lifting him off the ground they pushed him onto a wooden platform."

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