Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Post Before Halloween

Playing on the iPod~ Apocalyptica
Current Read~ Great Southern Mysteries
The Colony of Rugby

Current Fav Movie~  My Bloody Valentine

Current Fav Wine~  Peachy Canyon Old Vine Zinfandel
(goes well with My Bloody Valentine)

Current WIP~  Silver Tears ~ Book Two of the Moonlight Series
You know, three chapters of Wolf Within are at the top.

     As Halloween is TOMORROW, and October will quickly come to a close to make way for  Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations (have you seen that) I have for our viewing pleasure Pumkinhead (1988).
     I remember the first time I watched PUMPKINHEAD. There were a couple of us gathered together in front of the TV and as the movie came to an end, we couldn't believe how great it was. And then I had to walk home. It's important to mention my friend, we were at her house, lived a little bit out of town, it's equally important to know that town is a small mountain community, surrounded by mountains. It was night. I had to walk home. By myself. I ran most of the way. To this day I think that was the best part~ watch scary movie ~ run home in the dark. Awe youth.

A tale of revenge never gets old. Here is the trailer for Pumkinhead.

"Nothin' can call it off....but I'm gonna send it back to whatever the Hell it come from!" 

A Curse Revisited
The Legend of Noah Blyth

     “I don’t like this.” Jody mumbled stepping over a clump of ferns.
     “What?” Linzee asked.
     “The quiet. We’re walking through a two hundred year old cemetery and there’s no noise. He’s watching us. Waiting.” she answered.

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