Saturday, December 20, 2014

Cover Reveal~


Playing on the iPod~ Trans Siberian Orchestra and...well all those other Christmas songs.  
Current Read~ Vampire Empire Book One ~ By Clay Griffith and Susan Griffith

Current Fav Movie~  Season three of American Horror Story

Current WIP~  Silver Tears ~ Book Two of the Moonlight Series
You know, three chapters of Wolf Within (book one) are at the top.
Coming soon to the Amazon lurking inside the world of the internet.....

                                                 A Curse Revisited 
                                    The Legend of Noah Blyth

                              I know, pretty crazy! Check back for the official release date!

"Noah inhaled and the dust from their angry steps coated his mouth and then lungs. He could almost taste the bitterness from their hate in the fine powder. Gasping for air, the crowd moved in creating a tighter circle as if to suffocate him with their bodies. He struggled against them trying to pull free attempting escape. Punishment came in the form of punches to his head, arms, and back, and soon bursts of light filled his eyes. Unbalanced he tripped over his feet as grey closed in around his vision. They moved him back to the center then moved him as if they were a raging river current." 

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