Monday, August 24, 2015

Small town America

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As the title might have suggested, this is my small town America. I know, I know, I said I was going to call it Slice of America, but then I found this picture. It's a year old, during fall, but I like it, so I thought, small town is better.

As you can guess, I’m from that small town. A very small town that survives without stoplights, malls, and all the other businesses that entice people inside. They have stores, and really those are meeting places rather than places to shop. Go for a gallon of milk (mine would be lactose free, mmmm...good. Not) You're right, make that wine, and it might take you an hour, not because of traffic or driving distance because you’ll see everyone you know.
     That's where this starts~ I traveled to said small town while they were having a festival.
     The festival celebrates the area’s history in mining, logging, and the men and women who were brave enough to suffer through long cold winters and living in the middle of nowhere. The festival starts Friday night with street vendors continues Saturday with a parade, and more street vendors. But the real fun is the street dance.
     You read it right, street dance.
     They close one end of Main Street, you know the one with the bar, and have a live band. It was a blast, not because of the bar, but it helped, because everyone was there. EVERYONE. Some people took chairs, I should have, while others danced or stood around talking. My throat was sore the next day because of all the talking, OK you got me, laughing at everyone’s antics out on the dance floor while they danced in the middle of the street.
     Why is this here? Why am I telling you this? It could be, I think simpler times are a thing of the past, and that’s sad. Standing around until midnight talking to everyone and then walking home doesn’t exist. Sitting in traffic and then defending myself on the freeway when I just want to go to the store does. It could also be, people don’t notice people unless it’s bad.
      It could also, maybe, be, I’m from there and the mountains are my haven. A place to recharge, regroup, and enjoy the outdoors. It's a place where I can create characters, have them live and then when their entire life is ahead of them, torture them. Oops. I mean, a place to create characters and give them life.
     Of course, I have my camera at all times and we all know how that works out. Yep, that’s a picture of the motel we stayed at. Cute, right?

By the way Halloween is coming!! I can smell the horror in the air. And I'm all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it!

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