Monday, October 26, 2015

Light the Jack O'Lanterns ~ It's Halloween Week

Playing on the iPod~ Random mode on whatever device is being used~ could be anything
Current Read~ Road signs, the navigation screen, billboards

Current Fav TV, Movie~ Had to watch Cemetery Man again

Current WIP~ Yes, Silver Tears ~ urban fantasy
Notes ~ Book Three ~ urban fantasy
New~ Eilam's Harlequin ~ urban fantasy ~ coming soon

Phone Project~ Creatures ~ horror ~ taking over:)

                                             It's Halloween week~ 
                         There are 4 days remaining! 
     I saw this movie for the first time several years ago and could not believe it was out there.And had a hard time finding it there after~  however, with the in-ter-net, of course I can see it anytime I want! 
     Cemetery Man~ There is a Latin inscription above the cemetery gate (where the majority of the movie takes place ~Buffalora is the name of the town) that reads RESVRRECTVRIS "For those who will rise again", and they do! Dellamorte, cemetery man, has to kill them before they escape from the cemetery to hunt down humans. This flick has love, torture, human's (or not so human) conditions, and zombies and they're all tangled in humor. It's a completely different animal zombie experience.   

    WARNING~ The trailer has boobs in it. Women type and not because it's breast cancer awareness month! You've been warned. 

      A Curse Revisited will be free on Amazon! Free days are from October 28th - October 31st. Click here ~ A Curse Revisited ~ for your copy.

     Also check out EFESTIVAL OF WORDS HALLOWEEN PARTY it starts today! October 26th, information is on Facebook ~ click here.
         On October 30, Gloomy ~ horror ~ flash fiction ~ from Tales of Woe will be posted free on this blog. And then, on October 31st, Halloween Morte Society will be posted for your reading pleasure.

                                                        Morte Society

"Carly took a deep breath and watched Heather as she made her way over rocks and fallen limbs. With the thicker limbs she had to stop, shift her weight and then step over. Even when they were on the road and the ground was level, Carly noticed Heather walked with a limp." 

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