Thursday, October 1, 2015

Welcome to October~

Playing on the iPod~  Shaman's Harvest
Current Read~ The Funhouse ~ Dean Koontz

Current Fav TV, Movie~ Night of the Living Dead

Current WIP~ Yes, Silver Tears
Notes ~ Book Three
New~ Eilam's Harlequin

Phone Project~ Can't escape the creature story

     Let me welcome you to October~ this month opens the door to cooler weather, whips of smoke escaping from chimneys, gold and crimson leaves falling gently to the ground, and spiced wine. 
     I'm joking, October is the gateway to Halloween! And spiced wine, I was serious about that.

                             There are 30 days until Halloween 

     Since zombies are the theme this Halloween, I have for you the trailer to Night of the Living Dead~ 1968. There are several reasons why you have to watch this movie~ it's an independent film, the reason the dead are coming back to life, do they know, maybe, maybe not. The characters are believable, you hate some, you like some, and while you're swept up in their panic, they are trying not to get eaten. And last, the ending! Oh my gosh! It was brilliant.
     There's no spilling the beans here, that was as vague as it comes. Seriously, you have to watch it. It should be a Halloween tradition.

     Trivia~ As the movie that created the zombie genre the word "zombie" is never used. Some of the characters referred to the dead as ghouls. ~ Readers Digest tried to warn people away from watching the movie claiming if it's ever watched, it will inspire cannibalism.

                     "They're coming to get you, Barbara, there's one of them now!"  

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