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The Writing Life ~

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Phone Project~ urban fantasy, werewolf, witches, and death. Makes me giddy.

                        When I became a writer~
     Not sure if I ever thought, as I sat at the table with a pencil and a notebook, I would ever call myself a writer. It’s still a little hazy.
     I have read about it, and have listened to others while they talk about ‘when they became writers’ and I thought ‘how do you do that?’
     Growing up, I was told to read this, read this, and then read this, it’s good for you. Never was it anything I wanted to read, oh you know like Stephen King or maybe H.G Wells. I would say Robert E. Howard, because as you know, I love him. Sadly, I didn’t know about him at the time. A childhood lost! I never asked the important questions ‘who wrote the book?’ or ‘writers are story tellers?’.  When I thought of a writer, I pictured someone old, cranky, and wearing a blazer. I wasn't that writer type, figured you had to be and moved on. I just kept on writing. 
     My first recollection of writing for a reason with determination, was when I watched the first episode (OK, I was afraid I was going to age myself here, but no, it must have been a repeat, lol) of the original Battlestar Galactica. Yes, I know, how could that show possibly cause me to put pencil to paper? Because I'm a huge fan of Glen A. Larson and have watched most, if not all of his shows; Buck Rogers, Knight Rider, and Night Man, sorry- rabbit trail. Back to Battlestar Galactica, because it was cool. 
     So- In the first episode the survivors (human) of a cylon (very mean robot) attack are forced to leave their home planet. The lot of them flee in a rag tag group of ships, only to fight the attacking cylon forces in space. A young pilot, (human) Lieutenant Zac, son to Commander Adama, younger brother to Captain Apollo, jumps into a viper (bada** space ship) and leaves to defend the escaping survivors and fight the dreaded cylons in a battle of lasers. 
     I won’t hold you in suspense- he dies!! Blown to bits!
     At that moment my world crashed to earth in one kaleidoscope of an explosion. And do you want to know why my world went black as space?
     Of course, you do. 
     He was Rick Springfield! And we all know how I feel about Rick.
     The cylons blew him up! Devastation. Heartache. I had to, instead, fall madly in love with Lieutenant Starbuck. 
     I know…I was young. 
     Anyway, before my heart healed and moved on, I- during the next commercial break ran and grabbed my notebook. Then as a clumsy kid, I sat in front of the TV and rewrote the ending. That’s right, Rick Springfield, I mean- Lieutenant Zac lived to fight another day. 
     Did I think I was doing something that might someday lead to something cool? No. I was empowered to change the things I thought they did wrong, and totally disagreed with. That~ no doubt led me to write more and more.  
     Did I think I was a writer? No. 
     Did I know you could become a writer? No. 
     I thought, I was a genius. I could change the world. Yum, I mean, the TV world. OK, my world.
     I have written my entire life and while the poems and stories have added up and some of those works are among many that will never see the light of day, don't even ask, I never thought I would have the opportunity to call myself a writer. Become a writer. Or be a writer. 
     I’m happy playing with the characters in my head. 
     OK, OK, one last thing, I watched The Fall Guy too. Damn that Lee Majors.
     What is this all about? 2016. It's the beginning of a new year and besides reflecting on the past and psycho analyzing my childhood sounded like fun. And I read an article, haha that’s funny. I didn't the read the entire article, lets say,  headline, and it stuck. 
     The question remains- am I a writer now? Maybe. I am going to be in the Women in Horror Annual!

Look for (click to find out more) Women in Horror Annual coming in February. In time for Women in Horror Month! . 

Women in Horror Annual 

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