Monday, July 31, 2017

Writer Writing ~ Horror Reads

Just in case you needed to know where you could find a couple of horror reads, I've added the links here.

Tales of Woe ~
A collection of Short Stories

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A short tale of one woman's battle with the merciless weather, gloomy days, and the men who don't understand her. How far will their ignorance push her?

The Gateway~
When adventure calls you listen.
Audacious couples bring in All Hollows' Eve by visiting a cemetery. Their giggles drift, their warmth touches the wind, and the scent of their blood seduces the dark ones crossing through the gateway.

Tragic Delusion~ 
Faced with the uncertainty of survival, a man is forced to push himself. Tangled thoughts, injuries, and the harsh desert take their toll on his fragile mind.

Mind's Eye~
When a sickness ravages the land turning men and women into heartless killers, Bonny does what she has to and escapes. As she drives through the night, everything is not what it seems when her mind's eye shows her the broken pieces of the truth.

Tales of Woe~ 
Everyone has a tale of woe. In the dark corners, there are those with a tale of revenge. By the time a group of friends learn their lesson, their sins have found them and their fate is sealed. Unless one of them works for forgiveness despite the high price of betrayal.

A Curse Revisited 
The Legend of Noah Blyth

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When a group of friends go camping to celebrate Halloween, they expect to sit around the fire, tell ghost stories, and enjoy some laughs. As they settle in and the first story starts, the unexpected erupts and they realize they aren't alone.
Whatever is lurking in the woods has a taste for blood and has them in its sights.

Fantasia Divinity Magazine 
April 2017 Issue 

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Featuring 7 stories, this issue focuses primarily on fantasy and the supernatural. The stories included in this issue: "A Moth" by Patrick Doerksen, "The Race" by Alison McBain, "Missing: Friendly Spook" by Mary E. Lowd, "Alchemy" by Cindar Harrell, "Dragon's Tongue" by J.M. Williams, "Snow Serenade" by Claerie Kavanaugh, and "Together We Are Complete" by M.A. Kastle.

Women in Horror Annual 
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By M.A. Kastle ~ Desert Dwellers

The Women in Horror Annual is an anthology of horror fiction and nonfiction written by women. While not unique in the horror literary landscape, the WHA counts as one among a scant handful of women-only anthologies. The WHA promotes and celebrates female voices in horror, and the stories and papers contained within represent a diverse group of writers, each with their own unique vision. Some of these women have published previously, while others are just starting out. Women are often under-represented in the horror market, and this anthology is a step toward providing more female voices a chance to be heard/read. The stories herein run the gamut from melancholic to erotic; some are violent, brutal affairs, and others are more psychological. The papers include cinematic and literary analysis, touching upon themes of blood, motherhood, and insanity.

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