Friday, June 30, 2017

Writer Writing

Playing on the iPod~ Hozier

Current Read~ Magic Breaks ~ Ilona Andrews (Pretty cool)

Current Fav TV, Movie~ Reruns of Killjoys ~ a new season is upon us

Current WIP~ Urban Fantasy and a short horror story... Lol, it's not short.

             It's more like Writer taking Quizzes. 

              Facebook Quizzes: Are you guilty of quiz addiction?

     I know they're for fun and not to be taken seriously. (by the way I smell like death. Not sure if that's a good thing, and if Mr. K has noticed or will stick around after he does find out) Having said that, I saw one (this is the part you're not suppose to take seriously) that will guess your education level based on the movies you've watched.
     But what happens if you're not a drama, critically acclaimed, socially acceptable, movie fan?  (not taking it seriously- not overthinking it at all)
     For example, I just watched Empire of the Ants (1977 based on a H.G. Wells story) good flick. I also enjoyed Dog Soldiers (I know, I know, I constantly watch this and My Bloody Valentine and WolfCop), The Thing from Another World (classic doesn't count), Soylent Green (another classic), They Live (classic doesn't count), Angry Red Planet, you get what I'm saying. B science fiction and anything with giant creatures are my weakness. Don't get me started on Die Monster Die, The Mummy, Dracula, Wolfman, then there's another guilty pleasure- Death Race 3, you got it, not 1 or 2, but 3! Can you say Sharknado! See, I have a problem, lol.  
     To redeem myself, because I'm not taking it seriously... I'm Google'ing movies that smart people watch...  There's a real list. Good Will Hunting is number one. OK, I did watch The Count of Monte Cristo (hold on to your hats, I have read the book) and the Brotherhood of the Wolf. I'm Saved. Might take the quiz. :)
     What does this say about my education level? I started with college and ended in preschool, maybe.
     My taste in movies match my taste in music- one day it's cool, the next, it's something I'm not willing to talk about. Sorta.
     Changing it up a bit, what does your reading list say about your education level?
     Might be in trouble there too. Minion Two loved Manga, soo I had to know.
     How crazy are the movies you watch?  
     Do you keep a secret stash of guilty pleasures in forms of books and movies?
     Clearly, I do. And after finding out what my spirit animal is, I'll be finger painting drinking wine and watching giant mollusk monsters attack Naval personnel in The Monster That Challenged the World. Go creatures!

        So go out there, open those apps and take those quizzes!

     If you have stuck around and read this entire post, Thank You. I understand, this post didn't have anything to do with books, pimping my wares, or writing, but I like to think it was humorous and put a smile on your face.



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