Friday, October 6, 2017

Writer Writing~ Halloween Countdown

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Current Read~ Dark Carousel ~ Christine Feehan

Current Fav TV, Movie~ My Bloody Valentine (2009)

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Countdown to Halloween is in full swing- 24 days!!

Oh creature flicks, how I love thee. And humans changing into creatures- that's just awesome. Starring Lon Chaney Jr. The Alligator People is creepy on several levels and if you haven't seen it, fix some popcorn, grab a drink, because it's worth the time. I like the idea there's a doctor messing with people and no one, NO ONE, tries to kick his rear for screwing with an entire town. Adding to the movie's shadowy feel is its setting in Louisiana. Love the moss hanging from the trees, and the bayou.

Manon: "I'll kill you Alligator Man! Just like I'd kill any four-legged gator!"

The greatness of classic creatures, monsters, insects, and the world of B horror, B science fiction in books and film starts NOW!

                                                          By M.A. Kastle

It weaves through his decaying flesh, forever tightening its talons on his stagnant heart. Its force, a kind of poison courses through his spoiled veins, keeping his body alive, and his soul suspended between the underworld of the dead and the world of the living. Ribbons of weakness wrap around his will and demand he give up and die. He won’t. He remains alive feeding on the desire of revenge. The dark and deadly visions entertain him, and keep his ancient mind from eating the slivers of madness.

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