Tuesday, October 31, 2017

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Dark Carousel ~ Christine Feehan

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The Wolf Man (1941)  

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Urban Fantasy. Editing.....  


Up, until I feel like taking it down.......


‘I know they took her. I know they hurt her. I listened to her screams as they cut her up.’ Set boasted. Following his smooth voice were two scarlet points, they emerged from midnight’s hold, grew brighter, and stopped. ‘You want revenge.’


Saad wanted to run away when his skin crawled, and he saw the God’s true face. His form, nothing more than an apparition, floated on the air. His eyes, held in the thick mist narrowed on Saad, conveying a silent threat.
‘You will be granted the revenge your heart seeks- if you swear your life to me.’ The request slithered through the air. Set slowly drifted closer, his floating spirit towering above the ground, while his forked tail whipped behind him.
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