Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Writer Writing~ Lucky Number 13

Playing on the iPod~ Pandora unleashed  

Current Read~ Dark Carousel ~ Christine Feehan

Current Fav TV, Movie~ Empire of the Ants

Current WIP~ Urban Fantasy.

Magic number 13-Days left until Halloween

Today's gem is Empire of the Ants- 1977 movie, loosely based on the 1905 short story The Empire of the Ants written by H.G. Wells. Staring Joan Collins (Dynasty, Tales from the Crypt), Robert Pine (CHiPs, Red Eye), Pamela Susan Shoop (Galactica, Halloween II), and Edward Power (One Life to Live, The Incredible Hulk)---- among others, it takes us to the Florida everglades where Joan Collins- Marilyn Fryser- is a sleazy scam artist trying to sell real estate to her unsuspecting victims. Oh the everglades- don't have to guess how that's going to turn out. Not well. Not well at all. *Evil laugh* And don't let the queen spray you!

Other movies involving malicious ants out to destroy humanity. 

Them (1954)
Dr. Harold Medford: "We may be witnesses to a Biblical prophecy come true - 'And there shall be destruction and darkness come upon creation, and the beasts shall reign over the earth.'"  

Legion of Fire: Killer Ants! (1998)
Police Chief Jeff Croy: "Come on you bitch!" 

Glass Trap (2005) 
Sharon: "Here Ants! Here Ants!" 

Empire of the Ants
Coreen Bradford: "Oh my God! They're herding us like cattle."

The greatness of classic creatures, monsters, insects, and the world of B horror, B science fiction in books and film continues!

Complete story will be posted on Halloween- 13 days!

                                                          By M.A. Kastle

It weaves through his decaying flesh, forever tightening its talons on his stagnant heart. Its force, a kind of poison courses through his spoiled veins, keeping his body alive, and his soul suspended between the underworld of the dead and the world of the living. Ribbons of weakness wrap around his will and demand he give up and die. He won’t. He remains alive feeding on the desire of revenge. The dark and deadly visions entertain him, and keep his ancient mind from eating the slivers of madness.

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