Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Writer Writing~

Playing on the iPod~ Traded it for a smart TV... ummm not a stupid TV (don't tell the TV in my living room, poor thing, the TV in my office is smart).  Right... what's playing~ Pandora
Current Read~
Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night ~ Kresley Cole

Current Fav TV, Movie~ Python

Current WIP~
Urban Fantasy ~ Bone Chimes PLUS Halloween Short ~ Broken Halos 

    Bone Chimes, in all of its urban fantasy awesomeness, is scheduled for an October 31st release. I know, I love it, Halloween. You can read more about it by clicking RIGHT HERE.
     Broken Halos~ Posted here on Halloween! Disease. Devastation. Deviants. Poor parenting. Revenge. Am I missing anything? Let's hope not.

     Such as it is... Pretty excited this post has stuff about books. Hold on to your hats- I'm going to write something about writing. Ready for it? OK, it's a question.
      Question~ "Are you a pen and paper or electronics type?"
      Answer~ BOTH. I love pen and paper. Scrawling my notes all over those blank pages, it's like 'bam' there are my thoughts. Because of my obsession, with notebooks, I have a couple of covers- thanks to Mr. K.

I also love my laptop. I have separation issues when I have to leave it. Why- Copy and paste. And delete. The backspace. And I can read my typing. Some of my handwriting- wow.
     There you have it, my friends.


     As Halloween closes in, there will be all things horror, creatures, books, movies, and indie greatness on this blog. Be prepared.
     If you have a idea, a book, a movie, a podcast, leave it here, or at I'm all over social media, cause that's fun and I'm witty.


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