Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Writer Writing~ Bone Chimes

❤ Behold.... the awesomeness of Bone Chimes

❤ Loving this cover. A big... big.. big thanks goes to Lori Follett Przybranowski with Hell Yes Design Studio for great art! You can check out her Facebook page Hell Yes Hellions

And yea, I might have customized wine glasses and bottle of Howling Moon wine to celebrate!

Burned by betrayal…
  Jordyn Langston, a pureblood werewolf, risked living as a rogue and left her pack. Forced back to Trinity, her powers begin to morph, changing her future, exposing her past, and putting her life in danger.

A man surviving under the shadow of failure…
  To establish his strength and worth, Rutger Kanin, serves as the Director of Enforcers for the Cascade pack.When an evil invades the territory, leaving dead bodies in its wake, the pack begins to doubt his authority. 

Power, secrets, and evil…
   Rutger doesn’t understand the change in Jordyn, her power, and what it means to the pack. As the killers close in and the death count rises, Jordyn becomes a target. 

Look for it on Amazon - ebook & paperback - October 31, 2018 :)

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