Tales of Woe (Horror Collection)


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A short tale of one woman's battle with the merciless weather, gloomy days, and the men who don't understand her. How far will their ignorance push her?

The Gateway~
When adventure calls you listen.
Audacious couples bring in All Hollows' Eve by visiting a cemetery. Their giggles drift, their warmth touches the wind, and the scent of their blood seduces the dark ones crossing through the gateway.

Tragic Delusion~ 
Faced with the uncertainty of survival, a man is forced to push himself. Tangled thoughts, injuries, and the harsh desert take their toll on his fragile mind.

Mind's Eye~
When a sickness ravages the land turning men and women into heartless killers, Bonny does what she has to and escapes. As she drives through the night, everything is not what it seems when her mind's eye shows her the broken pieces of the truth.

Tales of Woe~ 
Everyone has a tale of woe. In the dark corners, there are those with a tale of revenge. By the time a group of friends learn their lesson, their sins have found them and their fate is sealed. Unless one of them works for forgiveness despite the high price of betrayal.


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