A Curse Revisited ~ The Legend of Noah Blyth (Horror)


A CURSE REVISITED                                                           

A loud thick clang of a lever sounded over his vow and falling his heart rose to his throat. Noah bounced, twisted, and staring forward watched the crowd disappear. For a moment, autumn’s air wrapped around him and he saw a gray sky. Then he felt his breath abandon him and black moved into his eyes and numbness swallowed his body.
     “The murders were so brutal, they left him swaying in the wind for three days. And because of his last words no one would go near his rotting body.” Mark said finishing the story.
     “Wow, a little dramatic don’t you think.” Jody said through a laugh.
     “It’s supposed to be, today marks the 200th anniversary of his death.” Mark replied. “Happy Halloween everyone.” He finished and raised his beer.
     “Happy Halloween.” They said in unison. Then lifting their drinks they reached across the fire to clink their plastic cups and cans against one another.



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