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   Up next ~

        October release of Bone Chimes - urban fantasy -  paperback and ebook.
        Celebrating October and Halloween with a month of books, movies, and TV shows dedicated to horror and my favorite.... creatures! Special attention on all things INDIE!
         Halloween - Two Souls - horror - short story - posted here and free for you! Cause, I'm like that.


A woman disenchanted with her pack…
  Burned by betrayal, Jordyn Langston left Rutger in her past. Three years later, she is forced home for her sister’s wedding. Questions come quick—she lives as a rogue—and is protected by the alpha. Amid wedding celebrations, Jordyn struggles to keep her lies straight and Rutger at a distance.

A man surviving under the shadow of failure…
   After giving up his birthright, Rutger Kanin works as the Director of Enforcers. Among the pack, he represents strength and self-assurance, not the broken wolf Jordyn left behind. Focused on finding the serial killer, who’s been leaving bodies on Cascade territory, Rutger does his best to ignore Jordyn. And then he touches her. With his need outweighing his pride, Rutger won’t let Jordyn run, again, without telling her the truth.

Power, secrets, and evil…
Jordyn faces her dark side when the alpha awakens a power inside her that changes her future, exposes her past, and puts her life at risk. Rutger’s attention is consumed with Jordyn but the killer is closing in and tearing Rutger’s control to shreds. Will Rutger and Jordyn overcome their past and the evil hunting them?