Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Really cool title for a blog post!

Want to read free horror?  Does that sound to good to be true?  Check it out ~~ Here it is  www.deathheadgrin.com has stories, poetry, and art.  Dive in and enjoy. 

Before or after visiting Death Head Grin ~ grab a cup of coffee, a glass of red or white, maybe, dare I say, bourbon, (yes, currently one of my favs) all right maybe some tea. (It's still early, at least where I'm at, coffee it is) Take a seat and read chapter one of Tragedy (and who doesn't want to) it's at the top.  When the current project finds itself finished, Tragedy will have a second chapter.  Until then, enjoy :)

~~~ His velvet voice eased her fear and glided through her thoughts. “Death is a cold business,” he warned. “And you have become its mistress.”  Within his grasp, the shadows of night and the sharp blades of winter have embraced her as one of their own.  They have welcomed her into the icy arms of their insanity. ~~~


  1. Bourbon it is for me~ looking forward to more of this one.

  2. Never thought I would like it, bourbon, I was wrong:) Trying to have more done on Tragedy soon. I would give reasons why it's just sitting, but I did read 25 lies writers tell themselves. LOL, so no lies here:)