Friday, October 12, 2012

Happy Friday!!

     This is for everyone who comes back to see an old post. And to say thanks for coming to check it out!

   Enjoy chapters five and six of Wolf Within~ up at the top~ click on it you know you want to.

 ~~~ His stare darkened further, when they heard a loud crash, followed by a strangled human roar. “Stay here Gray, and watch the hallway for the woman. Think- you can do that?”  
     Without waiting for her to answer, he turned and ran towards the stairs. Detective Gaines and Detective Fahn following, neither of them bothering to waste a look back at her. For a minute, she considered pretending interest in the dead therian, pretending she didn’t know he was already dead. For what, she asked herself. She wasn’t going to pretend, she would do as ordered, and wait for them to come back. Macy turned and stared down the empty hallway. Laura Barrette was somewhere in one of the rooms waiting for them to find her body.  ~~~

Playing on the iPod...nothing. It's all about Pandora

Horror movies watched~ My Bloody Valentine (2009)  and Soylent Green (1973)

Coming soon ~ Cursed~ short story

~Caught in the web of delirium and suffering a flawed consciousness, the answer weaves itself into being. The Gods abandoned their people in the pit of their own selfishness. They are as he is, suspended forever between life and the hereafter, between tangible and the mythical.~