Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Day Three comes with a Wind Chill

       Yes~ it's all about the drive home for Christmas.
      We have in the past taken it upon ourselves to make the trek North or East to visit family. Only when the weather would hold out so we weren't driving in holiday traffic with rain, sleet, and snow. Not much theses days does the K family travel during Christmas, it's just to busy.
         And after you see this movie you won't ever want to make that drive home.  I don't know what would upset me more, the shortcut through ten feet of snow that didn't work out, the haunted road you ended up on because the shortcut through ten feet of snow didn't work out, or the freaking ten feet of snow that is getting deeper with every breath you take. I would welcome the ghosts, maybe they could show you the way to a fire or something. That snow isn't going to stop and it's cold.
       Moral of the story~ If there is a shortcut and the road is blocked by ten or twenty feet of snow(might be a slight exaggeration) stick to the highway. You want to make it to Christmas dinner in one piece.

At any rate, watch and learn.

Clerk~ Remember the highway's your best bet. 
Guy~ Don't worry about it man, I got it all covered. 
Girl~ Are we lost or something? 
Guy~ No, I've done this drive a million times.