Saturday, December 15, 2012

Happy Weekend

It's been so long between posts it's almost time to post another holiday greeting!
Playing on the iPod-  HIM

Just so you know, I have plenty of excuses, I mean reasons for being AWOL. The first reason is by far the most time consuming, we moved, the second reason- the in-ter-net took forever to get hooked up (who knew). Moving by the way sucks, not only does it let you in on the sad state of your dusting capabilities, it also allows you to see how much crap you've collected over the years. Half the stuff I haven't seen in ages, and the other half, well let's just say I'm not throwing those away. My childhood memories, Mr. K's childhood memories, and those of the minions will live on in a box or three and will sit in storage.

Now that I have explained my reasons for being a slacker, it's time get on with the blogging. Last year I posted 'The top ten movie quotes you wouldn't guess were from Christmas movies'.  This year I thought I would change it up. It's quotes from 'Christmas horror movies' You are correct, I enjoy Halloween too much to let it go. This treat of the merry horror kind will begin on Monday! So visit often and check them out!

I leave you with some pictures. Enjoy and keep creating.


  1. *grinning* what better way to welcome the holiday. Look forward to your list! Glad your move went well and love the photos :)

  2. I love the Christmas season ;) Good to hear from you Amber! Just saw the -part of the cover- reveal on Facebook....can't wait.