Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas To All~

     Are you ready to rumble? Wait, I mean, are you ready for Christmas? Well, ready or not, I guess I am. The family is excited, the minions are trying to guess what the presents are, the gifts are under the tree, the cats are attacking the ribbons and playing in the water. All is as it should be.
   Onto the countdown~~~ Brought to us by Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol is a literary classic that has been transformed for the silver screen many times. As a kid I never understood why I couldn't stay up late to watch vampire, werewolf, ghosts, or the giant creature film, because they were scary. Then when this movie came on the entire family sat down to watch 'a classic'. In one night, Scrooge's  past, plagued with desperation, ghosts, hauntings, and the reaper reek havoc on his conscience. Each ghost brings it's own message in order to teach him a lesson about giving. Even the spirit of his former partner tries to warn him of the danger of being selfish. Makes you think twice about being naughty! Suddenly staying up late waiting for Santa, is self defense as you try to eliminate the chance of the ghost of Christmas past or the reaper might catch you asleep.

Awe, a book and a movie that have it all.

Merry Christmas!!

Ebenezer Scrooge~ [to Marley's ghost] We'll soon see how real you are. 
[Calling out the window

Ebenezer Scrooge~ Watch! There's an intruder in my room! 
Leader of watch~ Right up, sir - law and order! 
Jacob Marley's ghost~ It was for your welfare that I made this visit, Ebenezer Scrooge. 
[He disappears

Leader of watch~ [unable to find him] Your intruder seems to have extruded, if I may say so, sir. 
Ebenezer Scrooge~ He was here! He was a spirit! 
Leader of watch~ [laughing] Of course, sir! A fine night for spirits - of one form or another, sir!

Happy New Year!!
Be back in 2013!!

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  1. Merry Christmas and look forward to your posts in 2013. Like the other post too, anything with Ray Wise is good.The man ages so slowly :)