Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happy First Day of Fall~

     Current movie playing over and over~ My Bloody Valentine (2009)
     Playing on the iPod~ Within Temptation
     Current Read~ Edgar Allan Poe
     Current WIP~  Lol, we'll see

      Under the gaze of the Harvest Moon, Fall sweeps in on the threads of cool air.
      Yes, fall is finally here~ cooler weather, shorter days, football season (high school for me), and the perfect excuse of sitting outside with a blanket maybe a fire, and a glass of red. The first day of fall also means Halloween is right around the corner! And my heart is all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it. Which is why I thought today was the perfect day to post the teaser to The Gateway.

     Before I get to that~ What will be the 'Countdown to Halloween' theme this year?
     Halloween music!
     I know, I know, I'm a classic kind of gal, Vincent Price, Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Boris Karloff,  Charlton Heston (two words, Soylent Green) then of course there's Dee Wallace, Stephen King, Dog Soldiers, Eli Roth, and yea, Michael Myers. But Halloween music brings another to the group, welcome Rob Zombie! There is the chance Pandora, brought him to mind,  or Michael Myers, Halloween movie and all,  whichever, he's there and you can look for those posts. It should be fun and yes, maybe even educational :)
Now, without further ado~ the teaser~

The Gateway
M.A. Kastle

~ Eagerly waiting for their time to descend and feed on the fresh blood of the innocent, the deviants slip through the sliver of an opening. Their thin shadows dancing from their corrupt world and into the enchantment of All Hallows' Eve. ~


  1. Happy October, Monica! :) Look forward to seeing the posts about Halloween music. I might get stumped on a few, but that is the fun of it. Great idea.

  2. Happy October to you Amber! Enjoy fall as I know the leaves are turning where you are, and here, not so much, lol. I hope you enjoy the music, it should be fun :)