Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween Countdown~

I started looking everywhere for a song that fit the Sunday before Halloween. But because I have a slight case of "shiny thing" when on the computer, it takes me awhile. And making a decision"shiny thing" and it's gone. To battle this, I turn on my iPod cutting out the world and hoping to stay focused.
Lucky for me it worked~ Opeth started, and I was like, it's the perfect song!
So here it is, Opeth~  Porcelain Heart

Enjoy your Sunday, see you Monday!

To tease your senses, here is another morsel of The Gateway.  Catch the entire story on October 31 :)

                The Gateway
                M.A. Kastle

Adrift in the fall air, the scent of living blood travels through the skeleton tree limbs, scattered leaves, and interspersed headstones seeking out its prey. The irresistible scent ends their romping while the melody of innocence drifts to their ears.

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