Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Fish Eye, It's an Indie Movie

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Paperback ;) Not reading it anymore, as I finished it in one day!

Current Fav TV, Movie~ Watched WolfCop ~ wow!

Current WIP~ Yes, Silver Tears.
(second in the Moonlight series)
New phone project~ working on my Halloween story.

There's a place online, hold on, I mean on the in-ter-net where you can be on the front lines of what's happening in the Indie Movie world, it's ~  CineCoup . That's right, click it and check them out.
Once there you'll find out they're the studio that brought us WOLFCOP! Crazy site.

Why sign up and start voting for the movie you think should move on in the ranks, so the movie makers can win a million dollars, and then vote on their movie posters? Because you'll find the movie Fish Eye! Watch the trailer, it's creepy as hell.

Voting for FISH EYE  has begun, however like everything it doesn't last forever, sadly it ends tomorrow!

                                     Need convincing, here's the synopsis-
In the small town of Fishfields, things are starting to get a little fishy. With the toxic waste being dumped, the disappearance of numerous girls, and the brutal murders taking place, Officer Chunk the donut loving cop proceeds to investigate. His only problem is that he is too focused on nailing the town punk Max Miller that he can't conduct a proper investigation. As the murders and disappearances continue we follow our characters like a school of fish to find out what happens next.

You can watch the trailer here~

Oh yeah, I voted!!

"Oh, I love horror movies, yeah."
Norman Reedus

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