Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Halloween Countdown... continues

Halloween Countdown

The Countdown Continues

Playing on the iPod~  Whatever Pandora has to offer
Current Read~ Looking through the TBR pile

Current Fav TV, Movie~ Strange Empire ~ Hello Netflix

Current WIP~ Yes, Silver Tears
Notes ~ Book Three

Phone Project~ Let's see~ after a creature story and a zombie story, I guess... I'm going to do an urban fantasy


     What do you do after a long weekend and your Tuesday has became your Monday? But it's Wednesday?
     You read this blog to find out there are 51 days until Halloween. 
     As an added bonus~ during the most spooktacular time of year~
 eFestival of Words Halloween Party is coming your way in October. To learn more, click HALLOWEEN and it will take you to the Facebook page.  
     What is my part in all of this? That's a great question. 
     There will be a giveaway, a free book, great posts (right here), and of course on Halloween I will post the story!! 
     OK, you're right, I can't wait until October to tell you the title......get ready for Morte Society....evil laugh............

Enjoy the rest of your week everyone :)

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