Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Days, they are a passing ;)

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             Each passing day Halloween draws closer. 
                                    Leaving 24 days! 
Oh.... the plight of the dead. How I love their tortured souls. And they are tortured and sad and clearly dead. So why don't their bodies fall apart? Have you ever asked yourself that?
      Well, maybe they do fall apart, and maybe after awhile they turn into goo. Or maybe they turn into stone, maybe they find the fountain of youth that is really a perfume counter and Chanel No. 5 keeps them alive.
     OK, I said maybe and did you notice that rhymed? Sorry, I was thinking out loud typing along and there goes my thoughts.
Below are books. Really good books.


 The Cell by Stephen King
       Without giving anything away~ every time I hear a cell phone ring, I want to scream ‘Don’t answer it.’ That sorta gave it away.
 Dead Sea by Brian Keene
             Everyone has an idea of how they would survive the zombie apocalypse, and then you read this book and it’s like, good try, and no, you’re not going to survive. 
         The Living Dead by~ where do I start? Joe Hill, Clive Barker, Stephen King, Laurell K. Hamilton, and the list goes on.   
       I’m an absolute sucker for collections, so this was a must have. This has everything from the classic people eating zombies to using zombies as a platform for the author's passion.

        That’s my not so extensive list of zombie books. If you know of one or two or three, let me know!
      In the meantime, if you feel so inclined, you can pop on over to Home Page of the Dead and read Cessation by me~ M.A. Kastle~ just saying.

~The guide nodded, taking in Jack’s selection of gun, his attire, judging it all, and him, before turning and walking away. His guide, Ted, was a tall, muscular man, probably a fighter, or something equivalent before the world changed. Jack could only imagine how Ted’s talent, and build helped in the world of the preserve. Smoke from the fire swirled in front of him, burning his eyes and making them water. His eyes, now slits watched the blurry back of Ted disappear into the crowd.~   

As an added bonus~ A Curse Revisited, The Legend of Noah Blyth will be free from October 29th - October 31st in celebration of Halloween. I know it's great! 

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