Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Halloween is Near~

Playing on the iPod~  Hozier
Current Read~ The Funhouse ~ Dean Koontz

Current Fav TV, Movie~ Night of the Living Dead

Current WIP~ Yes, Silver Tears
Notes ~ Book Three
New~ Eilam's Harlequin ~ coming soon

Phone Project~ Creatures ~ Oh the fun

                              There are 16 days left until Halloween

     Did you actually think you were going to get away without seeing a movie with Dolph Lundgren? 
     Here we have Battle of the Damned~ After a zombie outbreak in Asia, the mercenary Major Max Gatling is hired by a wealthy industrialist that was responsible for the pandemic to rescue his daughter Jude from the worse hit area (it's been closed off) with his team. 
      I won't even ask 'Why is she there?' Because that would be a stupid question. Right? 
     It doesn't matter~ it's Dolph Lundgren! 
     Again ~ Just a reminder~ friendly type~ A Curse Revisited will be free on Amazon October 28th - October 31st. I know it's great!
     Information is on Facebook ~ click here~ I know, right, I've done something on Facebook.

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