Thursday, September 7, 2017

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Playing on the iPod~ Jon Bonamassa

Current Read~ Night Veil ~ Yasmine Galenorn

Current Fav TV, Movie~ The Last Kingdom ~ Based on Bernard Cornwell's books ~ everyone needs a dose of Viking.

Current WIP~ Urban Fantasy. Like that's it- getting my horror story ready for Halloween!

       Do you enjoy Comic Cons?
       I do! Planning on going again and being part of the fun ;)                                           

     This month I found myself in Colorado (gypsy heart here) at the same time Colorado Spring Comic Con 2017 was in full swing. What is the chance of that? Yea, had to go. As a last minute decision- like get in the car, enter the address in to the talking map, (don't want to get lost and have to seek wine) kind of last minute. Being last minute meant no Cosplay, and sadly my flips flops didn't count.
     Once inside there were characters from- Deadpool, Game of Thrones, The Rings, Star Trek, a couple of Stormtroopers, Star Wars, and Anime. You know, then me, flip flops and wide eyes. There were also some great actors and actresses present- Michael Rooker (Guardians of the Galaxy), Marty Kove (evil karate teacher- Karate Kid), Billy Zabka (evil student- Karate Kid- and my favorite giant snake movie- Python), Zach Galligan (Gremlins), Kent Mccord (Galactica 1980), Adrienne Barbeau (The Fog, Escape from New York- she's a badass), and sooo many others that I stared in awe.
     My words, and this is very important, while driving and the map was talking and totally interrupting me, I said, "Yea, I'm not into autographs and pictures. Not going to worry about that, I'll be happy just staring at everyone." I'm simple.
     If you know me, and that means you've read this blog, and have read about all my favorite things in this crazy world, like giant creature movies, monsters, Facebook quizzes (I'm Mysterious Sexy, not sure what that means) and 80's space movies. Now that we covered that- I love FLASH GORDON. You know where this is going....
     Sooo, I'm walking around, staring at everything, everyone, and then I spot Melody Anderson AKA Dale Arden and Sam Jones AKA Flash Gordon, and nearly lose my mind. I turned in to a total fangirl. This is when I said, "I want my picture taken. I want an autograph. I want it right now! This is awesome."
     Mentally I was trying to keep it together- Please remember how to talk, speak, and please, please, don't say anything stupid. You want to know how it went? I did pretty good. Remembered my name and got my autograph!! That's success. Love comic con!

There's serious business ahead, as September leads to October and Autumn and that means Halloween is around the corner. In case you didn't know, there will be a Friday the 13th as well! I know.... Halloween and Friday the 13th in the same month- incredible and perfect. Despite it being blazing hot here in So Cal, and the sound of the air conditioner clicking on, I'm getting my posts ready. This year's theme will be classic creatures, monsters, insects, the world of B horror, B science fiction in books and film. Fun, fun. Stay tuned.....

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