Friday, October 20, 2017

Writer Writing~ 11 days and Spiders

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Urban Fantasy. A synopsis- enough said.  

                    What.... 11 days until Halloween!

   If it hasn't been blatantly apparent, I might, maybe a little, sorta, kinda like the Syfy channel. Soo, here today is Lavalantula! Staring Steve Guttenberg (which I had the pleasure of staring at while attending Colorado Springs Comic Con), Nia Peeples (Pretty Little Liars), and Ian Ziering (Fin Shepard- Sharknado!) Lavalantula takes place in LA. I know, very exotic location. Steve Guttenberg - Colton West- a once popular actor, is now forced to star in low-budget horror movies that also star giant bugs. Everything changes when earthquakes shake up LA, but it isn't finished, adding to the fun are volcanic eruptions (can't be outdone by those pesky earthquakes). We all know where this is going- that's right- Colton West has to save his family from lava-breathing arachnids!! Go Colton! Poor LA, that road construction is going to last forever. ;) And then there's Lavalantula 2! Damn, LA is a bad place to live.

Other movies to watch depicting misunderstood spiders:

Andy Anderson: "No footprints! No blood! No sign of a struggle! The bones just stripped clean like peeling a banana!"

The Spider / Earth vs. the Spider (1958)
Sheriff Cagle: "Just put down "cause unknown" and let the coroner worry about the rest. That's the trouble with you eggheads - you jump to conclusions! I know what I see and I see a dead man, but, uh, I don't see any spider."

Kingdom of the Spider 
Birch Colby: "Are you crazy lady? This is our home, and no damn spiders are gonna run us out!"

The Giant Spider Invasion
Dr. Jenny Langer: "Spiders came out of the briefcase! They're coming from the geodes!"
Dr. J.R. Vance: "The WHAT?"
Dr. Jenny Langer: "Gee-ODES!"

The greatness of classic creatures, monsters, insects, and the world of B horror, B science fiction in books and film continues!
Complete story posted on Halloween!

                                                          By M.A. Kastle

It weaves through his decaying flesh, forever tightening its talons on his stagnant heart. Its force, a kind of poison courses through his spoiled veins, keeping his body alive, and his soul suspended between the underworld of the dead and the world of the living. Ribbons of weakness wrap around his will and demand he give up and die. He won’t. He remains alive feeding on the desire of revenge. The dark and deadly visions entertain him, and keep his ancient mind from eating the slivers of madness.

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